Cramping after Eating

on 3/6/23 3:15 pm
VSG on 08/06/20

Hi Everyone, I am coming up to 2 years post-op in June. I am doing quite well so far but every so often I will experience a very unpleasant experience.

It has only happened a hand full of times over the last 6 months but it happened again last night and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar.

After eating dinner (a small portion of marinated chicken and salad, less than what I can usually eat) I had terrible cramping/stomach pain (felt like my food was stuck from going to my stomach and it was cramping to try force it down), it would come and go, kind of like in waves every few minutes. I have had this a few times where it will pass after letting the food settle but on a few occasions I have had it just continue for hours until I force myself to vomit up the food and then the pain will finally go away. This is what happened last night, the pain stayed for 4 hours until I finally forced myself to vomit.

My only concern is it's making me have a fear of eating because it will happen again.

Does anyone have any advice for this?


on 3/11/23 7:51 am
WLS on 07/15/22


I'm sorry you're going through this. Is it possible you have a stricture? What does your doctor say?

My first meal in the mornings is always the hardest and I feel full after one bite, then have to wait a while until I can eat a normal (for me) portion.

Don't have answers but wishing you well, and congratulations on almost two years!

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VSG on 12/02/15

During the first couple of years [maybe not quite that long] I had to chew my food until it practically disappeared or it was hard to digest, and especially raw vegies

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