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on 5/26/21 6:05 am
RNY on 06/03/15
Topic: RE: How to ask PCP for referral

most PCP's seem to be OK with it and are glad to do the referral, but some aren't - so all you can do is ask her. If she refuses, then you can always find another PCP who's more bariatric-surgery friendly.

on 5/25/21 2:04 pm
VSG on 07/26/21
Topic: RE: Does hunger really go away?

Thanks so much. Sounds similar to most surgeries where we still have to do our part. I know I will have a hard time with the head hunger part myself, but I'm happy to hear that you had two good years before that became a factor. I hope to change my gain it's as much as possible the first few months to a year.

on 5/25/21 1:47 pm
Topic: How to ask PCP for referral

Hi all,

I am interested in learning if I am a good candidate for bariatric surgery from a surgeon but my insurance requires a referral from my PCP. Is that something I can just outright ask my pcp for or is that a big "no"? I technically meet the weight requirements to be covered by my insurance but could she just say "no" because she is against it? I've tried conventional dieting and exercise and I'm down and sort of maintaining from my highest weight but I'm still morbidly obese and I'm struggling on my own.

I've desperately tried losing weight on my own but tend to regain or never get anywhere near low enough to be what is considered "healthy". I have a non alcoholic fatty liver and I'm so scared I'll die young or something and that my children won't have a mom. I've had a friend who had VSG two years ago and she is doing well and seems to be maintains her weight loss. Have those of you who have had VSG found that maintences is a bit more realistic after surgery?

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 5/25/21 10:20 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16
Topic: RE: Does hunger really go away?

Wow, this forum is awfully quiet these days! I feel like I definitely get hungry and have since year 2. But sometimes it is just head hunger. I have a hard time distinguishing. The sleeve reduces the portion size one can eat especially if the food is protein dense, but it isn't a magic solution in the longer run. I am on regain #2, the first being 20 pounds worth and the latest is 15. If I had not had VSG, my regains would have been at least twice as much.

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!

on 5/25/21 7:23 am
Topic: RE: diet Rx to boost weight loss/metabolism?

Hi, I'm not good at this forum and the messages! I only just now found this part that has the emails! How are you doing these months later? I'm struggling to lose as well, I gained during this last 14 months, partly because of the lock down partly for the reasons you mentioned and partly stress eating.

on 5/25/21 5:28 am
Topic: RE: Botox? Fillers? who's had them?

I have used this four weeks now. I have very few wrinkles and clear skin however I do have dark circles and under eyes bags. The first morning I seen an actual difference in my under eye baggage! I'm now hooked! Non greasy. It does have a scent, not perfume not chemically just a light scent. Hardly noticeable. I love that it does not make my face greasy. Really good, I hope I will help someone

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez
on 5/13/21 7:13 am
Topic: Energy Levels | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Questions and Answers

Good Morning!
I made this video for those of you that have questions about your Energy Levels after having Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Dr. Alvarez

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VSG on 07/26/21
Topic: RE: Does hunger really go away?

Thank you so much for that insight. I actually didn't have reflux issues with the band - it eroded into my stomach instead. Not sure if that makes a difference. My doc and I did discuss the other options, but given that I am only 40lbs from goal weight, it didn't make sense to do something more drastic.

Having said that, I will definitely be on the lookout for reflux issues after the surgery, as you mentioned. I really appreciate you giving me that advice.