Badger Core Plan/ psych visit

mary A.
on 10/21/10 9:17 am - new lisbon, WI
Just started everything today with my RN and my nut. at Marshfield clinic in Marshfield. My next visits are next month also with the Nut., sleep medician and a psych visit. I am very excited and very scared at the same time. If everything goes well I could have my surgery as early as June of 2011!
I am having a very hard time finding an HMO with the Badger Core Plan that covers the Psych evaluation. Does anyone know of one? I have made at least a dozen calls and having a dead end is very discouraging. Now if I had just the regular Badger Care it would be covered but since we don't have kids anymore at home they changed us to the Core Plan.

Has anyone out there had their surgery at St. Joe's in Marshfield? Which surgeon did you have and were you happy with everything?

I really wanted the DS but of course my insurance does't cover it so it looks like it will be the RNY.
Oh, has anyone had their Psych visit had Marshfield? How many visits did you have to have and do you remember the out of pocket (no insurance coverage) cost? Thanks for everyones help. I know I have alot of quest6ions and this is a very helpful board. Best wishes to everyone.
on 11/23/10 6:20 pm
Hi Mary,
I'm not sure if this is of any help to you...but here goes!

I had my pysch eval done in Milw. this past August. It was only a one time visit. The Dr. asked a bunch of questions as to what I thought was all involved in the surgery, how I would cope with certain aspects of my life, etc. Basically, all they want to know is if you completely understand this is a permanent change in lifestyle.

The cost was somewhere between $200-$250. My insurance paid most of the bill, I think I had a $30 co-pay, but because I didn't know if my insurance would cover it I remember thinking, "Hmmm...that's not too bad, I could have afforded that if I had to.", when I received the bill in the mail.

Hope that's of some help to you!
Best wishes!

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on 1/4/11 10:35 pm - WI
 Hey Mary, 

            I just had my surgery at Luther Hospital in Eau Claire. Badger care does not cover a psychologist but they do cover a psychiatrist if that helps at all. Also I would not recommend having surgery at Saint Joes in Marshfield My mom had surgery there 4 years ago and ended up in intensive care for a month they really pushed the morphine. Things could have changed in 4 years though. Good Luck!