Need Help With Insurance!

on 11/7/10 1:40 am - Huntington Beach, CA
Hello All...I am new to the site and soon to be new to Wisconsin from California.  I sort of got the ball rolling in California by finding an insurance plan that covered weight loss surgery.  Now due to an emergency in the family I am moving to Wisconsin in about 2 weeks.  Does anyone have suggestions as far as insurance companies/plans? 
on 12/13/10 10:40 pm - MN
Im no expert on health coverage and insurance so please take my advice with that in mind. To my knowledge, currently the following companies in the area offer weight loss. Many offer the lap band and RNY. Few extend their weight loss surgery options to include the Verticle Sleeve which is the surgery procedure I'm set on. I would start investigating with the three companies I have listed below as to my understanding, they offer the most choices in terms of procdures available to you.

United Health Care

Health Partners


I would encourage you to browse through the Wisconsin sub forum here and read up on people's feedback on their insurance approval.

Mike P.
on 12/27/10 1:05 pm - WI
WPS Insurance out of Madison which offers coverage state wide also allows Bariatric Surgery
on 10/20/11 2:17 pm

Anyone out there that was able to bypass these exclusions? I could really use some advice.
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on 1/1/11 11:19 am
Just curious who got approved by UHC... I have UHC and there is a blanket exclusion for any weight loss surgery or treatments.   Are these insurances available to individuals? Thanks