Moving to Wisconsin after surgery ... support groups?

on 12/30/10 2:46 am
Hi  -- 

I will be moving to the Cedarburg area of Wisconsin in mid/late February and *know* I am going to need to quickly establish a support system up there to keep myself sane and successful on my WLS journey.

Who are the best hospitals/doctors for finding support groups in that area?  I don't mind if I have to drive in to Milwaukee, but would prefer something more north if it exists.

Are there other WLS support groups that exist in the area?

Thanks so much ....
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on 12/30/10 10:08 am - WI
I'm still in the process of approvals, but know that Columbia St. Mary's in downtown Milwaukee has a support group that meets twice a month on the second and fourth Monday of the month from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The number is 414-962-2274 for more details.

Hope I could help!
on 12/31/10 12:04 am
Thank you all so much!  Please keep the information coming ... I'm anxious about the move (have only been to Cedarburg once, for my job interview) so any info would be wonderful.
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on 1/12/11 11:24 pm - WI
With your surgery date nearing you are in my thoughts and prayers. How exciting to be on such a journey. First your weight loss and a move to Cedarburg. I live south of Milwaukee but have been to Cedarburg several times and it,s one of my favorite towns. I think you'll be happy there.
My surgery is schuduled for the 21st of January and I'm looking foreward to hearing about your weight loss journey as I go thru mine.
on 1/13/11 12:18 am
Thanks!  Yeah, I am not sure if I'm going to live in Cedarburg or look at "tosa" (Wauwatosa) or the Third Ward ... we'll see ...

Flying to TX tomorrow and surgery on Saturday ... fingers crossed ... pre-op diet has been pretty OK.

Thanks for the well-wishes!
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Bea L.
on 1/25/11 7:59 am
I attend the Aurora Sinai Medical Center support group.  It's held on the third Wednesday of the month.  Everyone is welcome.  Hope to see you there.  Hope things are you well for you since your surgery.
on 3/2/11 9:35 am
I have been looking for a good support group north of Milwaukee and I can't find.  If you do move to Cedarburg, we could start one!!