Sanai Support Group tonight

on 3/15/11 11:36 pm
Is anyone going to the Sanai Support Group tonight?  Time?  Is everyone welcome?  What freeway exit do we get off on if coming from the west?  Just me
Bea L.
on 3/22/11 7:51 am
The meeting at Aurora Sinai is on the third Wednesday of the month at 6pm.  I would get off at the exit for the court house and museum.  You could also get off on the 13th street exit.  Which is just before it splits to go to Green Bay, the lakefront and South.
on 3/27/11 6:21 am - West Bend, WI
Hello - I did go to the meeting that night.  Were you there & what about Bea, was she there?  That was my first time to that meeting since the one in Menomonee Falls is no more.  I really enjoyed it and felt it was what I needed.  Was not a tough drive for me either, right off the freeway and right back on.  Only issue I had was where to park.  They said there was free valet parking but I did not see any valet and think I parked in the wrong place too.  I plan on going back to the next one.  I think it is important to be around people in a similiar situation.  We learn so much from eachother and can support eachother. 
Bea L.
on 4/8/11 12:08 pm
Sorry, I haven't responded sooner.  No I wasn't at the meeting.  I planning on going this month.  Hope to see you there.  There used to have valet parking but they don't have it anymore.  Parking is free in the lot in front of the building or to the south there is also a lot available.  I usually find street parking without difficulty.
on 7/10/11 1:00 am
Hi there...I don't get down to every montly meeting but I do try to get there every couple of months....I'm about an hour west of Oshkosh.  Hope to see you there sometime!
Best wishes,

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