No co-morbidites and getting approved..

on 6/14/11 9:12 am
Hi! I was just wondering if anyone else out there, has been approved for surgery without any co-morbidities?? I am getting worried I won't be approved after I have gone through everything, and have gotten my hopes up so high! I Don't have high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea....and i'm just hoping others out there HAVE been approved!! Thanks for any information or help!!
on 6/15/11 4:24 am
Hi VickiLynn!!!

Well I have good news for you!  I was approved with NO co-morbidities!!!!   I'm healthy as a horse other than being extremely over weight.  However, since I had no co-morbids they looked at my BMI.  And that was what guaranteed me as a canidate... it had to be over 40 and I was at 44.
Best wishes to you!   Jamie
on 6/15/11 11:22 am
Thanks Jamie! And BMI is 44 too!! lol...i have the badgercare plus with united healthcare HMO. Can i ask what yours was? And how are you doing since your surgery?? :)
on 6/16/11 11:19 am
Hello again... Well I have private insurance as my primary,however, I have badgercare SHP as my secondary. And they covered all the remaining that my primary didn't. Sure hope everything works out for you. It is sooo worth it. I am doing great. Do not regret it one ounce!!! I'm 9 weeks out and have lost 48 pounds!
Best of wishes again! Look forward to hearing if it works for you!
Jamie. ; - )
on 6/16/11 12:17 pm
Wow that is awesome!!! I will update you as things go along!! Good luck to you as well, and keep on losing!!!
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on 11/27/11 3:35 pm
RNY on 05/09/12
Hi there!
I was wondering if you could update us on your status. Did you get approved? I, too, have badgercare w/ UHC and my BMI is 41.
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