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on 9/6/11 11:28 am
on 9/6/11 12:12 pm
Awesome VICTORIES!!!

Congrats on the 7#....7# lost is way better than 0# gained! Hope you know what I mean. And the food plan, gym work is great too! You have helped me become more committed today! I have been perfect all day. So I thank you!!

I will try to remember to check in every week, perhaps more often. Have a great day!


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on 11/3/11 7:13 am
I am sorry you are struggling so.  I read part of your blog, and while I don't quite understand it all (time sequence, etc) it seems as if you have really had a rough road for a while.

I think it is possible to eat all food groups and still lose weight.  It is all about balance and control tho which is why sometimes it's easier for me to stick to a strickly low-carb plan and then occasionally allow myself a food feast.  I've learned after too many years of dieting the only way I am going to be successful is to ditch the dieting and really focus on the lifestyle changes.

Therapy and self-help reading is really helping me to understand and how's and why's of why I "do and don't like" certain things.  I'm not a carb-free person, but rather I am a low/moderate-carb person.  I make sure to focus on protein and veggies first.  Then if I feel like carbs in one form or another I try to (but don't always) choose the healthiest form of carbs from the choices I'm given. 

Don't be disappointed in yourself.  Every day is a new experience and discovery.  I really enjoy trying to learn something new.  Lately I've been knitting to keep my hands busy, keep my mind focused, and give me some long deserved relaxation.  Do you work on any projects? 

Well, I'm needing my "pm before I go to bed nap" so I shall close.
Keep in touch and PM if you feel like it.  I am coming down to Milw for Tues am-late Wednesday pm next week for some appts.  Do you ever like to go out for lunch?  If so, where? 

It would be fun to meet and laugh!
Talk to you soon.


Let me help you with bariatric friendly cooking.  www.pamperedchef.biz/gawnecooking
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