4 years out vitamin question x-post

on 10/3/12 2:25 am - Lawton, OK
 Hey y'all I have many questions about being this many years out..... I know that I am going to get bashed BUT I have never taken my vitamins. I started out ok then just stopped within my first year. Now I am paying for it. I don't know what to ask my Dr. What to do. I am far away from my gastric surgeon. I have been in and out of mental hospitals for the past few years. I have been Dx'd with severe depression, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder,body dismorphia. What is upsetting me is that I knew better but I was on 13 medications already and didn't want to take anymore pills. Now over the past year I have not been back to the hospital. The last time I was admitted was in October 2011. I have tried to commit suicide 4 times, all by taking overdose of pills. I stated seeing a new psych dr. He put me on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg Xanax 1.5 mg 3x daily adderall 20 mg 2x daily and rozerem 8mg bedtime. This combo seems to be working. Might need a little tweaking due to chronic insomnia. But I was on so much more. 2 years ago I was taking 10 different meds. I got a DWI in Texas because my driving was impaired. I do not drink I did not abuse pills. But my driving was impaired, and I didn't know it. What makes it worse was that I had my children in the car with me, we were going to a funeral of a family member. That conviction has ruined my life. They charged me with a felony. I received probation. My PO officer in OK said that it was crazy that I got a felony that I would have received a ticket. Then I moved to WI  and my PO here says that I would have gotten a ticket here as well. It does mess with my emotions to know that it ruined my life. I am in a marriages that I hate. My husband makes a great living. But since I cannot get a job due to my felony it makes it near impossible to leave. 

But my question is does not taking my vitamins ave anything to do with my teeth going to hell? 

I have had to have 3 blood trandfusions due to my body not making something in my blood. I think potassium??? I am a retired military wife I have TRICARE as my insurance. They paid for my Bypass and my LBL. no problem. But the Dental insurance we have sucks. I need tons of work done on my teeth. Crowns all over. About 15k in dental work. I am at the point that I just want them to pull most of them and either give me a bridge or dentures. 

So what other things should I be on the lookout for by not taking my vitamins?

Also anyone know of a good dr. in the lacrosse area? 

on 10/10/12 9:10 pm
on 10/16/12 5:30 pm - madison, WI
Hello I can totally relate to what you are saying. your phyc issues are very simmilar to mine and like you have have been in the phyc ward a few times. What i have learned is that they will keep prescribing pills that you may not need. I am assuming that you have bad anxiety as I do too. I was on Xanax as well along with a ton of others but I would bet that is what caused you to be impared. I had somthing similar happen to me but I wasnt driving... other people kept telling me it was like I was drunk but I hadnt had any achahol and for along time I didnt beleive them because I didnt feel any different. It wasnt untill my husband recorded me on his cell phone and it was a total eye opener. I Switched drs. and asked to be dosed off of the Xanax and the Saraquil. I cant een tell you how much more with it I feel. Before I thought I was just super tired all the time but for the most part it was the damn Xanax overly sedating me... just as an FYI 1.5 3x a day is a high dosage. I too started skipping the vitamins because it was just too much to keep track of actually I have had my vitamin levels tested many times and the only thing that has been off is my D and my B-12 and with taking regular over the counter D I was able to fix my D levels I used the gell caps and they seem to absorb just fine. They have given me b-12 shots in the office from time to time and that makes a huge difference I have heard of others being able to do those at home so I am thinking about asking them.

not having the correct vitamin levels in your body can effect all sorts of stuff like you energy levels and your mood so if you got your vitamin levels right you might be able to get off of some of the other meds. it can effect a ton of other things but your regular dr. can test to see if you have low levels or not. i am near madison so my doctor is from there but I am sure there is someone closer. Have you tried to google it?

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