Revision Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve?

on 2/8/13 4:27 am - Appleton, WI

Wow... it's been a long time since I have posted anywhere in regards to WLS!  I was banded approximately 8 years ago and have been unable to tolerate fills for most of them.  Long story made short... my band is snuggly hugging my stomach and I have little to no restriction in my fill-less situation.  I really want a revision but my insurance does not cover bariatric surgery and I am definitely not in the market for private pay.  I am considering going to Mexico for a revision when I decide on the type of revision and would really like some input from other members.  I probably should be posting this on the main board but starting back into the forum world of WLS slooooowwwly! 

Nic M
on 2/21/13 2:05 am

Hi Darlynn!


I'm going to check with some people who have had surgery in Mexico. And I can add you to the Failed band group on facebook, if you'd like. I don't post there a whole lot, but it's a LARGE group... and there are people who have gone through the same thing.


I wish I could come with you to help!  I remember how much you helped me when I was in such pain... you took me to my appointment at Kemmerling's office and sat there with me as he glared at us. Do you remember how angry he was that I had you as a "witness" that day? I will always be grateful for your help! 

Hoping that there's someone out there who can lead you to the best possible outcome. I want the best for you!



 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI