Nutritionist coverage?? Badgercare

on 6/24/14 2:57 am

I was referred to a nutritionist by my PCP, I am interested on having the lap-band done. Badgercare says they will not cover me when I go and see the nutritionist, but they do cover the surgery? Anyone else have badgercare and have problems like this?  

on 8/31/14 11:37 pm, edited 11/10/14 6:06 am
on 8/1/15 10:05 am

They won't cover the lap band but they will cover the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass you have to do 6 months of nutritional coinciding and have a compound condition I go to the auroura baycare weightloss services and they set me up

on 6/8/16 11:15 pm, edited 6/8/16 4:20 pm

This is where I am at, Badgercare sent me a packet to pick A HMO. I want one that covers surgery. Did you have to pick a HMO? I do not want to pick one that make me jump through hoops and still denies it.

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