What are my chances for approval in Wisconsin (Physicians Plus HMO Badgercare)?

on 10/16/15 10:25 pm

Hello! I have started the process of getting to the point of having WLS. I have visited with both my PCP and my nutritionist every month for six months. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have high blood pressure. I have a BMI over 50. I am 35 years old and healthy enough for surgery. I have Badgercare, but I'm slightly unique in that I have an HMO through PP. In a few weeks I go to meet with a surgeon (Dr Garren) and they will submit for pre-approval, but I'm nervous. Does anyone relate to me? Similar story?

on 11/19/15 10:29 am - Germantown, WI
RNY on 04/03/12
I live in germantown, are you in the are?
    RNY 04*03*12
on 11/19/15 12:35 pm

I'm in Madison.

Penny J.
on 5/10/16 7:44 am - Oshkosh, WI

I had Dr. Thomas Chu and he did my surgery at Aurora Sinai in Milwaukee and my insurance approval was easy especially with medical reasons for the surgery. I was told by my insurance company - United Healthcare that they will approve of RNY surgery faster than the Lapband because it is a one-time permanent surgery versus the lapband can be easily reversed. So good luck!!!


Penny Johnson