Outdated posts, but need recommendation for surgeons in the Appleton or outlying...

on 6/20/18 11:05 am - Appleton, WI

I would like some references to bariatric surgeons in the Appleton area, I wouldn't mind driving a longer distance but I do worry about being able to go back for complications ASAP.

I have heard some good and bad in my area and have been to a seminar already at one of them, and have been researching the others. Just getting red flags from all of them.

I would appreciate any help at all

Thank You

on 7/22/18 10:39 pm - bloomer, WI

I had my revision done in Marshfield and it is an hour and forty minutes away from me. Dr. Nirojogi is an absolute miracle worker! I had some serious issues from my original surgery from 12 years ago and she was able to fix them all. Maybe check her out, I have had no further issues and it has been 2 years already!

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