on 5/23/03 12:37 pm - Waukesha, WI
Ok all you pre-ops, lets make a list of things we want to do once we lose our weight! Just reply and add your thoughts to the list. Let me start with a few of my own: 1. Be able to shop at the regular clothes and buy clothes! 2. Play with my kids without getting so tired. 3. Be able to fasten my seatbelt without thinking I am being strangled. 4. Fasten the regular seat belt in an airplane. 5. Walk a flight of stairs without losing my breath 6. Kneel at church without my knees hurting. 7. Be more self confident about myself So there is a start! Just add your thoughts and let's make a GREAT list!! Traci
on 5/28/03 1:11 pm - Waukesha, WI
Oh no, no one else has replied! So I guess I will add a few more. 8. Walk past a mirror and actually want to look in it. 9. Go to a restaurant and fit in the booth comfortably. 10. I want to see an old friend who hasn't seen me since surgery and knock his pants off! (not literally!) 11. I want to feel comfortable on a beach in a swimsuit. 12. I want to eat a salad because I WANT to, not because I am on a diet!! 13. I want to go to a high school reunion someday. 14. I want to look in the mirror naked and like what I see. Ok now who has a moment to add to the list? Just one will do, or more if you have time! There is so much out there waiting for us!!
on 5/29/03 8:26 am - Kenosha, WI
#18 Better intimacy with spouse/significant other. #19 Lose the GERD meds, the high blood pressure meds, the high cholestrol meds, and sooner or later the anti-depressants. #20 Feel comfortable being/interacting with a group of people. #21 Climb a set of stairs without feeling like I've run a marathon. #22 Not sweat all the time. #23 Not snore so much.
on 5/29/03 5:33 pm - Waukesha, WI
24. Send out Christmas pictures of me and the kids for the first time. 25. Tie my shoes without difficulty. 26. Ride a bike again! 27. Not have my mind obsessed about food. 28. Go on a cruise for my 40th birthday in 2004!