Dawn R.
on 7/12/03 2:35 am - Whitewater, Wi
I have something I like to talk aobut that scares me with my surgery coming up. I have heard and seen it happen in one family that this surgery causes alot of problems in a relationship.This worrys me. I love my man and he loves me but we do have our normal yelling and stuff.So can anyone help me with this and let me know if you know how much this happens and stuff. Just got me worried. Thanks Dawn
on 7/14/03 12:16 pm - Mineral Point, WI
Dawn: I think the main thing you have to remember is that if he loves you now the way you are, he should love you the same if you loose weight. My husband constantly tells me he loves me for the insides not the outsides. He also wants me to make this decision for myself and not for him or anyone else. The only thing I expect to change after surgery and loosing weight is that I will feel better about myself both physically and emotionally. Therefore, I will be a better wife, mother and person. When I had my first WLS surgery, I did it for all the wrong reasons. (I was married to someone who did not love me for my insides) I thought that having the surgery would make all our problems go away. It only made them worse. The surgery failed me and so did my marriage. So we ended up divorced. All I can say from experience is that if you have problems now, they will most likely not get any better with the surgery. They may even get worse. I know they did for me. Now that I have met and married a man who loves me for who I am and not what I look like, I can have this surgery for me and my health and not for anyone else. Good luck in your struggles. May God Bless you as you work out your worries.