Seeking some friends in green bay for support ...

Wendy P.
on 7/18/03 12:59 am - Green Bay, WI
Hello again I have been a member for a few weeks and would love to meet someone in green bay to be friends with and share stories and friendship with. I have been doing some research for this surgery and I dont know for sure if I am going to have the procedure yet or not. I have met a few very nice people here and hope to gather more friends and support and information so I can make a decision soon. Thank you for your time ...WENDY
Bobbi -Jo F.
on 7/19/03 3:35 am - Tigerton, wi
HI Wendy, I don't live in Green Bay, but I visit my friends their at least once a month. I'm having the surgery in a cou[ple days, but if I can be of any help please let me know. Bobbi-Jo
bonnie O.
on 7/26/03 11:53 am - oconto falls, wi
Hi Wendy, I'm from a little north of Green Bay but I work there daily. I have been researching and pursuing a weight loss surgery since Sept 2002. I have decided on the lap-band procedure and will have surgery on 8/5/03 with Dr Chua in Milwaukee. I wish GB offered this surgery but they don't. Dr Chua is the most experienced Dr in the state and I can handle the 2 hr drive for that reason alone. What steps have you taken so far in looking at having weight loss surgery? I would love to have a friend to visit with and discuss this subject. I have three friends who have had the RNY surgery and another two are working on getting the approval. Let me know if you'd like to visit.... Bonnie
Karen S.
on 8/24/03 11:54 am - Oconto Falls, WI
Hi Wendy: I had Open RNY surgery on 03/24/03 in Green Bay at Bellin. I live north of Green Bay but work in Green Bay daily. I am the volunteer support group leader here in Green Bay. If you would like to attend a support group meeting please feel free. They are for anyone considering surgery, is in the middle of the process, post surgery or whatever. You do not have to have the surgery in Green Bay to attend the support group meetings. Let me know if you are interested and I will forward you the information. Karen