im new here

traci H.
on 7/19/03 10:49 am - whitewater, wi
hi all my name is traci and i am new to this site . i am looking to have surgery done as soon as i get some information. im glad there is a support group for this. if anyone needs to talk or has information or suggestions for me you can email me at [email protected] im going to be getting some info from the same clinic that a friend of mine is going to. she is a member here too--her name is dawn rosenthal and she has put messages on here too. everyone take care and ill look for replys soon--sorry if i didnt know what to say first time around but eventually ill get the hang of this---take care all---traci
Carol B.
on 7/20/03 6:59 am - Waukesha, WI
Hi Traci - I'm pretty new here too. I'm a surgery wanna - be with an exclusion clause against the surgery. I'm hoping that my employer will change contracts on Nov. 1st when this co.'s contract is up. Otherwise I will go to Mexico to have this done but I really would rather not be doing that. Good luck to you as you journey down the information pathway. Carol