Want to start a support group in the Chippewa Falls area

on 7/24/03 7:44 am - Azle, TX
Hi, this is the first time I've posted here. I know that there are alot of people having WLS in the northern part of the state. I think a support group north of Chippewa Falls would be wonderful and helpful. Anyone interested, just reply to this post and we'll see what we can come up with! Love, Hugs & Prayers Kathy Conrath, WI Surgery date 8-26-2003 Sacred Heart Hospital Eau Claire
on 8/28/03 3:47 am - Cornell, WI
Kathy, WOW.... I am still in the just getting started mode. I first have to have an EGD to make sure my ulcers have healed. Then worry about step 2. I live in Cornell and would love to see a group meet closer to me than Eau Claire. Maybe I could make both as I work in Eau Claire. I see I am posting this two days after your surgery, so I will watch for updates. Hope you are doing well. Not exactly sure where Conrath is from me, but will check it out!!! GOOD LUCK!!