1sr dr appointment info please

traci H.
on 8/7/03 10:45 am - whitewater, wi
just wanted toknow if anyone can tell me what to look forward to or worry about for my 1st dr appt which i have scheduled for august 18th---if anyone has anything to share please let me know --thanks--traci
on 8/8/03 11:55 pm - Mineral Point, WI
Traci-My first visit was not ordinary because I was going in to talk with the surgeon about why my VBG has failed. He discussed with me the RNY surgery, but not at length. My second visit basically just reviewed everything that I knew from research about the surgery. He gave me pamplet on what they do and long term behavioral changes. After my visit, I had to have physc evaulation, & dietary counseling. I would recommend that you gather as much of your medical records as you can before you go in. I had all my primary physcians records copied and sent to the surgeon as well as my previous surgical records. It took a long time to get everything together but once I did (and 2 deniels later from the insurance company) I got my approval and a date set. Strongly suggest you also find out from your insurance company what they require for documentation and to call them often once your info is submitted to verify the status of the predetermination. I took me over 3 months to get insurance approval. Best wishes, and if you have any other questions, please email me or post them here. (I try to get to this board everyday)
on 8/9/03 12:45 pm - Waukesha, WI
Hi Traci! I had my first appt with Dr. Nakeeb in January 2003. They do the basics, ht, wt, vital signs, BP. Then you meet with the doctor and you talk about what you know about the surgery and your health history in detail. He will let you know if you are a good surgical candidate at this time. Sometimes they have a few things they want you to do before surgery (such as lose a few pounds, quit smoking, or stop caffeine/soda). He did a brief physical exam on me, and that was all. I then received a letter in the mail with the dates for my ultrasound of my gallbladder and my psych. eval. It was pretty simple and painless. I wish you the very best with your upcomin appt. Keep us posted on how it goes! Traci K (post-op June 2, 2003)