Dawn R.
on 8/9/03 12:54 pm - Whitewater, Wi
I just wanted everyone to know I am home and doing great. I had my surgery Wednesday at 9:30. and I am home now and already have my tube out. and home doing great. Just wanted to let you guys know. Dawn
on 8/10/03 2:40 am - Mineral Point, WI
Great news. I hope one week from today I can say the same. Mine is this upcoming Wednesday also at around 9:30 am. Look forward to sharing experiences soon. Take care and God Bless you as you heal. See you on the loosing side!!!
Bobbi -Jo F.
on 8/10/03 12:56 pm - Tigerton, wi
I'm glad to here your doing well. And ya I agree, g-tubes suck. Welcome to the losing side. Bobbi-Jo