Communion wine???Do you dump?

on 8/10/03 2:43 am - Mineral Point, WI
At church today I realized after communion that the wine we get might make me dump after surgery. Anyone had this experience?? What do you suggest as a subsitute? I am thinking that even grape juice will be to high in sugar. Any suggestions are appreciated. Getting nervous, only 2 1/2 days to go. Thanks for your input.
Laure H.
on 8/11/03 3:06 am - Waukesha, WI
Since you only take a little sip you should be just fine. I wouldn't worry about it. A whole glass is another story! Good Luck, Laure
on 8/11/03 1:48 pm - Mineral Point, WI
Thanks Laure. I talked to my Pastor tonight to and he said I can just "dip" the wafer in the wine to in order to get less wine in my mouth. I will have to try it sometime after surgery (before chur*****ase) and see. Thank you for your input. Take Care.
Heidi H.
on 9/17/03 2:50 pm - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
I have taken wine after surgery, and since it is such a small sip, I had no problems. I really hope you still feel you can participate in such an important part of your celebration. Good Luck!
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