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on 1/27/10 4:24 am - Cheyenne, WY
Hi.  Just wanted to say hi to you all.  I have lived in WY almost my whole life and recently moved to Cheyenne.  I had RNY on Feb. 23, 2009 and would really love to meet some others that have had WLS. I attend a support group here and find the boards here on OH to be very beneficial. 
So, if anyone is out there....let me know!
on 2/1/10 1:37 pm - Gillette, WY
Hi! My name is Terry. I have lived in Wyoming all of my life. I live in Gillette, although I work (and lived many years) in Moorcroft. I had the Lap Band System Dec. 29, 2009. Have pretty much just begun my journey. I am very excited in that I truely believe I have found the answer to my weight loss sturggle. I had my surgery done in Casper by Dr. Anderson. Currently there is no support group here, but Casper program is talking about starting one here soon. Haven't posted a picture yet as I haven't figured out how to do that. I am a female and am 54 years old.
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on 2/2/10 5:20 am - Cheyenne, WY
Hi, Terry!  Welcome.  I grew up in Sundance and I have a grandmother in Gillette so I know that area.  Spent many a summer day at Keyhole.
I hope all is going well as you being your journey WLS post-op.
on 2/4/10 1:42 pm - Gillette, WY
Hi! I haven't been on line much this week. Things are going pretty well for me. I have lost 32 lb since I started on liquid diet first part of Dec to prepare for my lap band surgery on Dec 29-09. I will have my first adjustment on Feb. 17. I see that you have lost 81 and have 19 left, that is so awesome! Great job. I hope for you that this is a lasting solution to your weight battle and continue good luck to you.  :+) 
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