I'm Back!

on 1/22/12 9:02 am - York, AL
had a computer meltdown over the summer and have been depending on my phone for Internet access.  I'm back and wondering what all my WLS friends have been up to?

Louise A.
on 1/23/12 2:17 am - Anniston, AL
Good Morning John.  Hate to hear about your computer problems.  If you are like me I am lost with out my laptop.    Glad that you are back and hope that you are doing well. 
Kim S.
on 1/24/12 4:39 am - Helena, AL
Hey there stranger!  It's been pretty quiet around here.  Good to see you!

Dakota Mom
on 2/15/12 4:04 am - Montgomery, AL
Hi John! It's been a long time! I rarely pop on here anymore! Glad to see some old faces!

Of course I am glad to see are the new faces too!

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