on 5/30/12 5:46 pm - York, AL
OK, I have been the worst one about keeping up here on the Board.  I am several years out from my surgery, experiencing weight gain, and am MISSING all those that helped me when I first had my surgery.  Heck, a couple of you came to see me in the hospital and I didn;t know you other than online!  I can't do this alone.  I need my support group.  I am a Dr. Stahl patient.  Can't find out for sure what his status is now.  I will admit I avoided him after awhile - he had a reputation for coming down hard on weight gainers!!!!   I just need support.  Elle, Randy, Carmen, .....so many others....  where are you?  
Kay L.
on 5/30/12 11:23 pm - N., AL
Hey!! I have become active on the RNY board after also being away for a good while. I haven't had a huge gain, but it's enough to scare me. You might want to do the same. It really helps get back in that mindset. I'm sorry you're struggling. Many are. But if you really need/want support, the RNY board would be a good place if you don't have a local group. You can also post your eating/exercise accountability on Kim's daily posts here. Other than that, it's pretty dead. She does a good job of keeping that up though.

Kim S.
on 5/31/12 12:02 am - Helena, AL
Where have you been???!!  I've missed you! 

There are still a few faithful here, but not many.  I do post the daily "whatcha eatin" on here, but I mostly hang out on the RNY board, the Exercise board and now the Plastic Surgery board since I'm having a lower body lift in November.

We are here for you and will support you.  You CAN do this-track your food on Myfitnesspal and move, move, move!! 

Kay L.
on 5/31/12 12:38 am - N., AL
Congrats on your upcoming LBL. I am jealous! LOL! Hope it goes well!
Louise A.
on 5/31/12 3:04 am - Anniston, AL
Good Morning John.  I read ever day but do not post but maybe once a month.    I have found that the further out the harder it is to keep the weight off.    You can do it,  just start back over like you did when you first had your surgery.  Go back to basic's,  protein first and foremost,  at least 64 oz of water, the new studies are now saying as much as half your body weight.   If you weigh 200 pounds half that and you would need 100 oz/day.   Make sure you are taking all your vitamins and your B12.  No drinking for 30 minutes before you eat and wait 30 minutes after you eat.    We can do it, just have to get our brain wrapped around wanting to get the weight back off.    I had gotten on a carb kick and have to kick it in the butt.   Keep us informed.
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