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on 6/4/06 6:50 am - Cleveland, OH
Not sure if anyone remembers my post about the English Bulldog we adopted a couple weeks ago, but that turned out to be a total disaster after he attacked and bit my DH twice There IS a happy ending to this story however.... We ended up placing the bulldog with bulldog rescue group and he is on his way to NY, where he is being taken in by a behavior specialist. And this afternoon we went back to the shelter and adopted another dog!! She's a wonderful and very sweet little girl, and she got along beautifully with our pitbull mix and sheltie   We're kinda bummed because she can't come home with us until next Sat. because she has to be spayed first before they will let her leave So, we have all week to prepare for our newest addition and now we need your help in picking a good name for her!!  Some of the names we thought of are Lucy, Annie, Gracie, Sally...... Here's her picture below. Doesn't she have the saddest eyes? She is guessed to be about 6 years old and they had her listed as an Eskimo mix, but we have NO idea of what kind of mix she is. She's pretty small and only about 30 to 35 pounds.  
on 6/4/06 6:52 am - Harvard, IL
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on 6/4/06 6:55 am - Cleveland, OH
She does have just about the saddest eyes I've seen, thats a good one 
Holly Berry
on 6/4/06 6:55 am, edited 6/4/06 6:56 am - Oceanside, CA
Mitzi or Molly

Holly  260/132/125

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on 6/4/06 6:58 am, edited 6/4/06 6:58 am - Cleveland, OH

Awwww I like that one too!  We had also thought of Angel, or many names to choose from

on 6/4/06 6:57 am - Louisville, KY
For some reason, Hazel comes to my mind. She is very pretty though, I am sure her eyes wont look so sad once she has had a chance to be in a good home! Good luck with her!
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on 6/4/06 7:00 am - Cleveland, OH

I like that one too!!!

on 6/4/06 6:59 am - San Jose, CA
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on 6/4/06 7:02 am - Cleveland, OH
Thats another one that we had thought of earlier but I forgot to mention. Will have to keep that one in mind also.........keep em comin!! 
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on 6/4/06 8:21 am - Chandler, AZ
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