Still trying to name our new dog!!

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on 6/4/06 10:26 pm - Cleveland, OH
First I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful suggestions for naming our new little girl We have been writing them all down and we have until Saturday morning to make a final decision, so we would still welcome any other suggestions  Here are some of our top picks so far: Lucy Libby Blondie Annie Mandy Sophie What do you think?? 
on 6/4/06 10:43 pm - somewhere, KY
how about ..... peaches pepper precious lady bug brownie mae cookie peanutbutter brandi rainy sunshine summer butter baby girl


on 6/4/06 10:46 pm - Convoy, OH
hi angel, i just wrote a post on the old one. you can read it there, my bf keeps yelling at me to get off the comp. hugs--kath b.


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on 6/4/06 10:50 pm - Cleveland, OH

Hi there!! I'll check it out when I go on break (i'm stuck at work) Great to hear from you again!!  Have a wonderful day!

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on 6/4/06 10:48 pm - Cleveland, OH
Those are wonderful names!! Thank you, and we will add those to our list!!!
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on 6/4/06 10:51 pm - Cleveland, OH
I'm sorry, I tried to respond to your message but it posted it at the bottom. Thank you, and those are all wonderful names!  
Cally S.
on 6/4/06 10:49 pm - XX
Why not ANGEL PAWS and call her Angel for short because all pets are a guardian angel to the family who loves them!!!

 Cally  Hugs And Kisses Blowing A Kiss

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on 6/4/06 10:53 pm - Cleveland, OH

We do have Angel on our list, but thank you so much 

Jennifer K.
on 6/4/06 10:53 pm - Charlotte, NC
She told me her name should be Sophie!
on 6/4/06 10:58 pm - Westlake, OH
Hi~   She is SO Beautiful!!!!!  I think she looks like an Annie. Congratulations! Hugs, Jen