Gina M.
on 9/25/09 9:03 am - Spring Creek, NV
A few years ago, I began attending church and I found it to be a beautiful, uplifting and powerful experience.  One evening I was preparing to make dinner for the family.  I got out my bell peppers to cut them up and while I was doing this I began talking to the Lord..., Im trying to be a good Christian Lord, am I doing a good job?  I cut into my bellpepper and found the most perfect smiley face that was present throughout the whole bellpepper.  I took the bell pepper with me to church that evening to testify.  You may say it was merely a coincidence, but I believe the Lord smiled on me so perfectly.  It truly made my evening...and honestly...made my hair stand on end
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on 9/25/09 9:06 am - Grovetown, GA
That is AWESOME! What a stroy. God truley is good.
FastFingers ~*~
on 9/25/09 9:25 am
That Jesus must be a real foodie:

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on 9/25/09 9:55 am - Houston, TX
How cool!!  Keep thinking happy thoughts.

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