Anyone have the Sapala-Wood Micro Pouch?

on 9/29/10 3:20 am - Huntington, NY

Does anyone have experience with the Sapal-Wood Pouch?  This is not the same as the mini bypass.
There is a description of the proceedure in the procedure forum but no forum for the Micro Pouch. 

Zee Starrlite
on 9/29/10 4:15 am
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Wow, if you could see the history of the CORI centers (victim here!)!  Don't do this surgery!  Why don't you look into a DS with a smaller sleeve and shorter intestines.  It wood be a much better way to go.

There is a woman on the pregnancy board with the Wood-Sapala pouch!  Gosh I'm sorry for you.

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on 3/10/11 6:11 pm - Suffolk County, NY
I had the Micropouch 2/28/11 and I am thrilled
on 9/7/11 8:48 am - brooklyn, NY
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I just had a consult for a revision of my micropouch and was told it most likely cant be done.. 
Has anyone else had a revision after a micropouch?

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on 9/7/11 11:50 pm
Actually MsBatt I can tell you for a fact that the micro pouch has been pretty successful for a lot of people. It does have all the traditional draw backs of any RNY but overall patients achieve good weight loss. The only difference with the mp was that that the pouch was made extremely small, about the size of a grape and it did not stretch to any measurable degree. Of course that didn't stop the stoma from enlarging leading to weight gain in some patients.
Of the thousands of Sapala-Wood surgeries with which I am familiar I would have to say the statistics are at or below the average for post op complications. There are some really good surgeons still doing this procedure.

Still, at the end of the day I wouldn't particularly recommend any RNY in most cases, not when the DS is an option.
on 9/8/11 6:04 am
It's been nearly a year since I made this post, so I really don't remember it---but I think I was confusing it with the mini-bypass thingie.
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on 9/8/11 7:39 am
Ha Ms B. I didn't even notice the date. Guess I should have paid attention.
on 8/14/14 7:59 am - Las Vegas, NV

I am 12 years post-op following my micropouch procedure with Dr. Wood. While I did have problems early on - strictures and acute gastritis that put me back in the hospital and eventually on TPN for almost 2 months - I have no regrets. As stated, the usual RNY issues should be considered: limitations with regard to taking certain meds like NSAIDS, nutrient malabsorbtion, etc, it is very effective.

Remember that, whatever surgery you consider,  it fixes your stomach, not your head, and I've known many to "out-eat" ANY procedure, including this one, if they are not committed to using it as a tool rather than a free pass. It IS possible to gain weight, but it is the best tool I've personally found to combat morbid obesity.

Just my 2 cents!




Nancy L.
on 12/3/18 2:11 pm

I had the Sapala Wood surgery done by Dr Wood, on August 3, 2003. Everything was fine until 2009, when I started having pain in my "grape" stomach , and in my "detached" remnant stomach. I had moved to Buffalo by then. I called Dr. Wood's Office, and he refused to see me. Said he was not seeing patients from his "old" practice.

In the meantime, I found a lovely Gastro Doctor, who ran a bunch of tests and told me I had:

1. An ulcer in my "grape" stomach

2. A Fistula joining the new "grape" stomach to the old remnant stomach, and

3. A hernia

Because the surgery left the remnant stomach virtually inaccessible, the Doctor could not visualize an ulcer he suspected was in my old remnant stomach.

Since Doctor Wood was not willing to help me, I wound up going all the way to Long Island, NY to Dr Buscaglia, who was kind enough to try to help me. He was the ONLY surgeon I could find to help me. He was also the closest, and he was over 400 miles from my home.

Dr Buscaglia closed the fistula with a clamp, and ordered some vitamins for me, but there was nothing else he could do for me.

The fistula reopened in 2013 and I am currently bleeding internally, possibly from an ulcer in the active remnant stomach. I have also gained back most of the weight I lost after the 2003 surgery. I was 114 lbs for 9 years, and now over 180. It is very sad, and very depressing. So now, I am search for a Doctor to help me find out EXACTLY what my condition is, and fix the problems once and for all.

on 12/3/18 5:34 pm

I recommend you contact the following surgeon for a video consult; he is great at revision bariatric surgeries and complex abdominal issues.

Ara Keshishian, MD

10 Congress St, Ste 300

Pasadena, CA 91105

Ph: 818-812-7222