Update on GI issues

Kayla B.
on 3/28/11 11:41 am, edited 3/28/11 11:43 am - Austin, TX
I visited my GI again today to get some test results and talk about some therapies.

Results of my defecography that I got over the telephone were pretty vague to say the least.

My report reads: "large anterior rectocele which measures approximately 5 cm"
Also, my anorectal junction descends completely below view, at least 6.2 centimeters below the pubo****ygeal line (not supposed to drop at all).  Because it dropped out of view, they are unable to tell if anything ELSE is wrong beyond that (hopefully not).

Base of bladder drops 2.3 cm, possible cystocele
Extensive pelvic floor insufficiency

It's possible that I just can't poop because of this, so it all backs up ALLLLL the way up my entire colon to cause pain.

I've been referred to a colorectal surgeon.  The one my GI recommended couldn't get me in for over a month!  I made an appointment with an associate for this weds, but I NEVER have good luck when I see someone who was not recommended just because I could get in with them sooner.  I left message with my GI office to see if they will call on my behalf and try to get me in sooner...

I really don't know if anything can be done surgically about the pelvic floor.  Hope so!  I'm going to leave a copy with my gyno and I called my WLS as well.

Of course, it's completely possible that none of this will cure my constipation, but it's definitely not helping.  I really want to find treatment for the pelvic floor, the rectocele really doesn't bother me as far as I can tell.
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on 3/28/11 12:32 pm
Hi Kayla,
That's a lot of medical report to take in. I'm glad you're staying "on top" of it. Thanks for sharing all your medical tests, it may help someone else. Keep us posted and I hope you get to the bottom of this.      Connie
Amy Farrah Fowler
on 3/28/11 1:28 pm
 I would talk to the surgeons office that your GI doc recommended, and ask if you can be on an "on call" list, that if someone cancels their appt, you're willing to go in on short notice.