6 yrs out, alcohol warning

on 4/11/11 1:44 pm - somewhere, IL
Well i was warned but didnt listen...  they tell you be careful about transfer addiction.. after three years of struggling with drinking. i finally commited myself into a rehab. am doing good so far with not drinking.. i now go to aa meetings.. working the steps of aa.. who would imagine after all i have been trhough in my life.. so far warning to everyone... do not take the first drink.... I am doing well though, feel good about myself.. high of god and life.. feeling a peace about me... enjoying my family... I have to be careful about eating at this point though... i can eat just aaobut anything in small amounts and quite often.. so i know it will be easy to gain back.. thought i would post this as  a warning to anyone who thinks they can drink...  I didnt think one would hurt, then two, then three, then drunk, the stay away for awhile then not carrying, drink more, the more i tried to control it the worst it got... never would i have dreamed i would develop into a alcholic... i hated the people that drank in my family..  but finally realized i needed help and went to a rehab... you can all say well why did you do it..  i never thought one would hurt, but it turned out not to at first.. so it was easy... next thing i knew i had the habit of alcholic... comes on you before you even realize it, then when i did i thought i could control it, well i cant... god has too... good luck to all, just want to let you all know Please dont drink... sure i will get lots of comments. but what is done is done...

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on 4/11/11 1:48 pm - Orange County, CA
 You are brave to share this... thank you
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on 4/11/11 2:13 pm
Good luck to you and thank you for sharing your story.  Please let us know how you are doing. 
MyLady Heidi
on 4/11/11 2:36 pm
Hey I remember you, I hope you are on the road to recovery.  I have had a few drinks in the past couple of months at dinner, I don't have an addictive personality so its not an issue for me, not everyone develops a problem but I am sure there are plenty that didn't think they would and then it gets out of control.  Good Luck!
Susan S.
on 4/11/11 7:00 pm - Roselle, NJ
I remember you too! I'm sorry to hear about your struggle and it is very good that you posted. You should stay connected to OH. I've been here everyday since my surgery and it helps keep me centered and mindful. Wish you all the best. Susan
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on 4/11/11 9:35 pm
 Thank you.

on 4/11/11 11:59 pm
Marie: it takes courage to admit that you have a problem and even more courage to say so on a forum like this -we are alll here (i believe) to help and to learn from others.  Thank you for sharing your story adn the best of luck to you.  Please keep us updated and I will pray for you also.  Take care  Mary
So Blessed!
on 4/12/11 2:03 am

Best wishes, Marie.

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on 4/12/11 2:16 am - Reeseville, WI

I'm so very glad you have overcome alcohol.  Stay the course. 

I got up at 7 a.m. and had three drinks, went back to sleep for a while and it is now 11 a.m. and I'm watching Young and the Restless and having my third drink of the "afternoon".  It's a terrible thing - trading food for booze. 

If It's not a day I work, I'm drunk and in my jammies all day.  It's just disgusting and while I say this is the last bottle every time I open a new one, it never is.

Take everyone's advice and just don't start in the first place.  That is so much easier.

Take care



on 4/12/11 2:31 am - Cosmopolis, WA
RNY on 03/08/11 with
Thank you Marie, I am a sister in recovery also.  I have almost 5 years and go to 12 step meetings on a daily basis, I don't want to ever forget that I have the disease of alcoholism.  I read your post and you stated that you did not like to see your family when they drank, you could have been predisposed to your disease and it was just waiting for you.  Women seem to become alcoholics within a few years of when they started.  I have read that with wls alcohol consumption could be very dangerous. 

I am the opposite of you, I quit drinking and picked up foods especially sugar/carb type foods and gain over 80 pounds. 

Now with your 12 step program and OH you are on a good path.  Keep coming back !


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