Forever and a day

on 5/9/11 10:23 am
Hi folks! It has been forever and a day since I have posted here. I hope that you all are doing ok. I just popped in to ask a question. Ok background: I had surgery back in Dec 2009, realize band. i have she d, including the before surgery diet, about 75 pounds . I have always been able to over eat, rare that  I do throw up, so I still have to watch it. But myquestion is this: I forget, am  not supposed to drink diet softdrinks with the realize band? Do diet softdrinks harm the band?
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on 5/9/11 10:52 am - San Diego, CA
For me, all soft drinks (carbonated drinks in general) are forbidden in my protocol for my band, diet or not.  I dare not touch the stuff.  Good luck and congrats on the 75 lb loss.  That is great!
on 5/9/11 11:11 am - Vancouver, WA
You'll get a million different answers so best to ask your own doc. Some folks have no restriction on it and my doc says no way. Many find they can drink it if they let it sit awhile to let it go a little flat. I tried some that had gone flat but it still hurt like blazes, just too bubbly for me. So make your choice ot call your own doc.
on 5/9/11 12:46 pm
I know this is bad to say this but I amstill bttling emotional eating and when I do over eat the diet pop helps. I have decided today not to do that anymore and I got rid of my diet pop and I am seeing a dietician on a regular basis. I worked ou extra hard tonight too
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