Please help me find someone

on 4/17/11 5:28 pm - Fayetteville, NC
 Along time ago there was a member who was an avid participant in the boards here.  I am not sure if she is still around.  At the bottom of her posts was a link for custom (and very cute!!) medical ID bracelets.  Does anyone know who I am talking about????
on 4/17/11 6:30 pm - Dona Ana, NM
Dixie Chick makes them.
and, laurenshope is a website.
Tracy M.
on 4/18/11 12:00 am - KY
I have found several sites that make them. I am going to order me one soon too...If you want all the sites just let me know. They are a bit expensive tho.


Highest known weight- 512
Surgery weight-425
Current Weight- 260