NG tube fears

on 4/18/11 4:51 am - MI
Im totally scared at one of my preop appt today I found out I will have this tube in.  I am terrified of it.  I am an asthmatic already and when I have trouble breathing it scares me.  Does this tube hurt, will it make me feel like gagging?  Also what does it feel like when they take it out?  I am hoping the pain meds help me be calm enough to handle it.
Susan S.
on 4/18/11 4:57 am - Roselle, NJ
Stop being terrified. It will be placed while you are under anesthesia and once placed it will not be painful. Removal is quick and I'm sure the team who is performing your surgery will be well equipped to keep you calm. There are other things to worry about....this isn't one of them. Susan
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Amy R.
on 4/18/11 5:16 am
Don't stress! Like Susan said, they're placed while you're already under, and mine was even removed before I woke up.

Also, because of the ulcers and stuff I had pre-op I had to have SEVERAL of these during my many hospital stays. Those were all placed while I was conscious and not even sedated and removed the same way. While it wasn't fun times, it was doable. They are so quick with procedures like this that it's over before you know it. So even if you do happen to ever be conscious for one,you'll be okay.

Hang in there. You won't even remember any of this when your surgery is over.
on 4/18/11 6:45 am - MI
Thank you so much.  I have had four babies and one by c section but this surgery is creeping me out I want it and definately need it but I am scared of the pain alot and having something in my nose down my throat made me nutty as well.  I can see why these support groups are essential.  Thank you again for giving me peace about it
Elizabeth N.
on 4/18/11 6:42 am - Burlington County, NJ
I had breathing problems when I had my DS, including asthma and oxygen dependency, and I had not one moment's trouble with the NG tube. I breathed around it in my nostril just fine, and never noticed it in my throat. When the doc pulled it, it felt like a very long booger coming through, for lack of a better description. It tickled the back of my throat and sinus coming out and made me sneeze, but the doc had warned me of that and had me clutching a pillow already. It was no biggie at all--well, a sneeze on a freshly cut belly is pretty miserable no matter what, but it passes quickly.
on 4/18/11 6:48 am - MI
Thank you Elizabeth I am so hoping to not have so much trouble with my asthma after this! I hope your doing well.  I remember those sneezes with my c-sections ouch but goes away quick.  You have really made me feel better :)
Elizabeth N.
on 4/18/11 7:34 am - Burlington County, NJ
My asthma is almost completely gone. I carry a rescue inhaler if I'm going to be far from civilization, but haven't used one in a couple years at least. About the only thing that gives me any significant bronchospasm at all is if I inhale something, say like a crumb of popcorn, that gets into an airway. But I can get through that most of the time without any medication. I cough a bunch, do breathing exercises, keep myself calm, and all is well.

Before my DS, I was on two daily inhalers and a rescue inhaler.
Ms. Cal Culator
on 4/18/11 7:14 am - Tuvalu

LIke EN, I also had the DS.  I have a vague memory of the first day AFTER the day of surgery and being momentarily displeased that there was something there, but the morphine fixed all that and it came out before I could get REALLY irritated or even remember it much.

Drugs are good things.

on 4/18/11 8:56 am - Canton, MI
You will never know it was there. You will also be intubated with an endotracheal tube which may result in a sore throat afterward, but again this will be placed and removed while you are under anesthesia.

I am pretty sure I had an indwelling Foley (urinary) catheter during my surgery as well, as I woke up with the K-Y jelly used for insertion all over my thighs, but I never felt a thing. It would make sense to use a catheter to empty the bladder and move it down to avoid pressure against the upper abdomen where the surgery is taking place.  Either that or someone took advantage of me in that OR!  


(deactivated member)
on 4/18/11 9:29 am
They put the damn tube in while i was awake. Worst day of my life!!!!!! It was awful going in and I gagged the whole time it was getting jammed in. When they take it out, it's a piece of cake and a huge relief. They'll probably give you this spray stuff to numb the back of your throat. It bothers the hell out of the back of your throat. You feel it every time you swallow and it irritates you...Seriously...the worst day of my life was putting that damn thing in. I hope to effin Gawd you are out when they put it in!!!