Protein Malabsorption anybody?

on 4/19/11 11:41 am - Clarksville, TN
My hubby had Gastric Bypass surgery March 2006.  In September 2006, he had a motorcycle accident which left him paralyzed from waist down.  He is now in malabsorption mode.  He has been taking TPN since December 2010 but it hasn't helped.  Has anybody else had this problem, and if so, has it been able to be resolved, maybe through a reversal?  Any ideas, or comments apreciated!  Donna


Elizabeth N.
on 4/19/11 12:00 pm - Burlington County, NJ
TPN is not absorbed through the gut, so this should not be WLS related. Has someone evaluated his nutritional needs compared to the content of his TPN? Maybe he needs a balance that's higher protein, lower carb or something?
on 4/19/11 12:14 pm - Clarksville, TN
He is taking in 185 grams of protein through the TPN, plus getting in about 60-70 grams a day through mouth. He is getting in way more protein than is commonly needed, just not absorbing any of it.  I am thinking they may want to do the reversal so that maybe his body will resume it's absorption. 


Elizabeth N.
on 4/19/11 12:21 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Oh dear, that's not good :-/ . Still, I don't see how a reversal would affect his absorption if he is not absorbing nutrients given via TPN. I don't know much about that stuff, but it doesn't make sense to me. How might a reversal change absorption if he's not absorbing IV nutrients, y'know?

Have you asked the docs about that yet?
Kayla B.
on 4/19/11 1:05 pm - Austin, TX
I, too, am confused.  You say he is "taking TPN."  Is he on tube feedings or IV nutrition?

TPN is nutrition through the vein.  All the components are in their very basic forms, there is no requirement for absorption at all.  Fatty acids, dextrose, and amino acids go directly to the blood.

If he is on tube feedings through the gut it is called enteral nutrition, and that actually can be affected by a revision/reversal.

I am also confused why this is just now affecting him 4 years later?
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on 4/22/11 3:20 pm - Clarksville, TN
He is taking TPN through IV. 


on 4/19/11 1:15 pm
There are so many unique needs for someone with a spinal cord injury.  Is he seeing a doctor who specializes in treating people with his type of injury?    I think both the spinal cord injury and his Gastric Bypass come into play and he needs a specialist who understands both.

on 4/19/11 11:28 pm - County Line, MI
Sometimes pancreatic enzymes like Creon can help with the absorption of oral intake, but as others have said, the TPN is intravenous and has nothing to do with the absorption or lack thereof in the gut. But if his protein levels were really low, it takes a long time to get them to slowly inch up, even with TPN. 60 to 70 grams of protein isn't very much oral intake either. Even with the TPN, I would try to get that closer to 150 a day.

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