My mothers choice - opinions wanted!

Melissa S.
on 4/22/11 5:27 am - Sartell, MN
Hello to you all!   Just wanted to get an opinion on an issue my mother and I are in debate over.   I’m a gastric bypass patient who has had wonderful results. I did my research on my personal surgery choice and amongst which as diligent as I was, still had multiple complications. (I still would do this over again in a heartbeat even with the complications I encountered ~ feel free to read my journal from  my early days post surgery).   So now, here comes the fun part: My mother is looking into a sleeve surgery for herself. I’m thrilled for her as I know this venture will help her with the many benefits I have achieved to good health and self esteem!!!    The doctor that I used, she is going to use, which I’m in full agreement with. However here is the issue: For a doctor to achieve “credentials" on providing a new surgery (previously he provided the band and gastric by-pass only), how many surgeries should he have accomplished to deem him an experienced surgeon of this newer offering of the sleeve surgery. I have my own number in mind, but need to open this up for debate as my mother hasn’t considered the fact that this surgeon just “recently" started offering this surgery.    I’m in total support for the surgery she chooses, but want the reality of the providers experience and abilities to make an impact on her choice for her overall safety and health. (Please note here that I am not opposed to the sleeve surgery, just the debate of whether THIS is the surgeon she should choose if this is the choice she would like).   Thanks for your opinion and support in the beginning of her journey!!! 



(deactivated member)
on 4/22/11 5:35 am - Charlotte, NC
IF he truly has been doing another form of gastric bypass in addition to the band, he the sleeve should be a breeze.
Janine P.
on 4/22/11 5:37 am - Long Island, NY
I don't know what the quantity standard is but I wouldn't let a surgeon touch me for any procedure unless he's got at least 100 under his belt.


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(deactivated member)
on 4/22/11 6:24 am
All I can tell you is that the sleeve is not standardized yet and every doctor has their own technique and the results are very different.  I would not go to a doctor who doesn't have a proven track record for this surgery, but that is just me.  I spent as much time looking for the right surgeon as I did choosing the surgery. 
Emily F.
on 4/22/11 6:38 am
I'm picky, I would say at least 150 plus.
Elizabeth N.
on 4/22/11 7:25 am - Burlington County, NJ
I don't know if there's any particular number. A subtotal gastrectomy is, I am told, something any properly accomplished general surgeon "should" be able to do just fine. HOWEVER, as we all know, this is not the case in reality, and most surgeons know their own skills and limitations.

If this surgeon has done many RNYs, that's a plus. What other types of stomach surgeries does he do? Does he do a LOT of them? How are his results? Morbidity rates? What's he like when the patient asks pointed questions about his skills and those pesky morbidity rates? Is he an open book? Those are the kinds of things I'd be looking for. If he's really, really good with stomachs, then a "different/additional" stomach procedure would not concern me overly much. If he were someone who does, oh I dunno, kidney stones all the time and wanted to just throw in a stomach surgery, I'd feel funny.