Bariatric Brides?

Catherine K.
on 5/2/11 7:48 am - Indianapolis, IN
I am nearly 3 years out from my WLS and recently engaged. While I try to have a positive body image, let's face it, I am usually covered up! The thought of shopping for wedding dresses, when strapless seems to be the prevalent style, makes me want to curl up and hide. Who else has gone through this and how did you cope? My nerves about my "bat wings" are making it hard to enjoy this time in my life!
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on 5/2/11 7:55 am - Santa Cruz, CA
Fashions change;  if you don't want a strapless dress, find a different style.  If not available, have a seamstress make you an adorable tulle & lace bolero-style top for a strapless dress. 

I hate the strapless style, anyway.  Very few women can wear them without looking as if they are going to explode over the top of the dress!
on 5/2/11 8:08 am
Catherine, congrats on your upcoming wedding.

I suspect after this past Friday when everyone saw the wedding dress that Kate (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) wore, strapless won't be as popular.

That style is perfect in that it covers batwings (I have them too).


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on 5/2/11 8:09 am - Kearny, NJ
Let's take a page out of the Kate Middleton handbook! Her Lace sleeves were gorgeous and sophisticated and I'm sure would look great.  Don't be afraid of trying different styles cuz you never know which dress will be THE ONE.  Good luck darling, and congrats on your engagement :)
on 5/2/11 8:12 am
Catherine K.
on 5/2/11 8:17 am - Indianapolis, IN
 I am hopeful that the Kate Middleton style takes off!

And MM -- I eloped the first time. Hence the to-do this time! ;-0
on 5/2/11 8:26 am
Google "modest bridal gowns" or something similar and you should get quite a few options pop up.  If you are in a major metro area there even should be a salon or two that specialize in dresses with sleeves.  Or if you have any orthodox Jewish Friends (or Mormon) ask them where they get their dresses.  

I am with you that strapless dresses don't look good on 90% of women that wear them.  

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on 5/2/11 9:58 am
Congrats on your engagement, first of all. It's wonderful news....

I happened to turn on HSN one day, and I saw that Kathy Najimy has this product called C'harms. There are three new lace varieties in white, antique (off-white) or black.

They seem to cover the arms beautifully.  They were being shown on a model who was wearing a strapless wedding gown. I don't impress easily and I thought it was quite clever and attractive.

Perhaps you can go on HSN's website for grins and giggles. Of course, you would need to see the garment in person to know for sure.

Good luck, I live with arm disdain every day! 
on 5/2/11 11:09 am - Germantown, MD
OMG- I just found a quick video that has the Ch'Arms advertised on HSN.  It includes the wedding dress idea.  I am so buying these!  Thanks for sharing.
on 5/2/11 11:19 am - Rome, GA

I have the same problems with my upper arms!  I am always having to wear 3/4 length sleeves.   I am going to a wedding this weekend and wanted to find something really "sassy."  Strapless and backless would have been great, but not on me, lol ... !  I found a really sexy lowcut black dress with bling bling under the breasts.  I found a bolero to wear with it, with see-through sleeves thus making it sexy, and it actually worked and covered up the bat wings!  There are always alternatives! 


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