Finding peace of mind?

on 5/13/11 9:32 pm
I have long thought that many of the negative issues in my life have been linked to my impatience. That includes my compulsive overeating. I just can't wait to eat, and feel that if I don't eat all the food available right now, that it won't be there after wards.

The other day I realized that maybe my impatience is linked to another issue.

I realized that my mind has to be occupied every waking hour. I have to be occupied doing something. I have to have the TV on, or I have to be on the computer, or i have to be eating, or I have to be exercising.

It's difficult for me to even sit in a room and talk to my wife unless my mind is occupied otherwise.

That's not healthy for our relationship and is unfair to her.

I wonder if I suffer from some kind of psychological condition like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or something like it.

Has anyone had experience with something similar?

How did you deal with it?  Maybe meditation?
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Emily F.
on 5/13/11 11:09 pm
I suggest seeing a therapist w experience in addictions. She can talk with you for a few appts and suggest to you if you should see a psych that can prescribe drugs. Good luck and hopefully either therapy or meds or both will help.
on 5/13/11 11:34 pm - Knoxville , TN
Sounds very much like ADD to me. As one of my students described it, "When I think it's like looking through a forest full of trees to find what I'm supposed to be thinking about."

It wouldn't hurt to ask a doctor for an ADD checklist. There's no real diagnostic test just a list of behaviors.
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on 5/14/11 6:50 am
I may use that to explain to parents what their child is dealing with.