Perfect body forever or one million dollars ?

on 5/25/11 1:30 am
Americans put a lot of stock in the number they see on the scale.
   A new survey conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of Nutrisystem finds a quarter of Americans would rather have a perfect body than win a million dollars.
   Nearly half of those polled said they would wish to be thinner before wishing to be five years younger.
   Half of respondents reported feeling more stressed-out and tired when they gain weight.
   More than half who had tried to lose weight also admitted comparing themselves to other people.

I don't expect to ever have a perfect body... but I really can't put a price on good health.

How do you feel?
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Kim S.
on 5/25/11 1:38 am - Helena, AL
Give me the million!  In my mind, my body is as perfect as it can be now.  Even before surgery, I would've taken the money!! 

It is sad how much we as a society stress about less than perfect bodies, but so few are willing to put in the work necessary to make the body they have as perfect as it can be.  Whether that path is change in diet and exercise alone or with the aid of a tool like WLS, it requires complete change and few are really willing to commit to it for the long term. 

I speak from experience.  For years I tried every "get thin quick" plan and failed over and over.  I loved to complain about it, but if someone ever said "eat less and move more" I just wanted to punch them....and they were right.....however, without the aid of my surgery to curb the massive hunger I always had, I couldn't pull it off long term (not that I really ever tried long term if I'm being totally honest). 

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on 5/25/11 1:42 am
DS on 04/11/11 with
I would definitely take the money over a perfect bod. Then I could spend a few grand on plastics. Maybe not perfect but good enough.
on 5/25/11 1:46 am - Grand Prairie, TX
With a million dollars, I could BUY a perfect body - show me the money!

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on 5/25/11 2:12 am
Show me the money.  No one has a perfect body, expecting to have one isn't reasonable IMO.

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on 5/25/11 2:23 am
LOL!!  Show me the money too.  With the money, I could pay for a personal trainer, good workout equipment and, as already stated, plastics.  Money can help buy better health, but it, still depends on you and your attitude and your desire for it.  Elena
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on 5/25/11 2:25 am
"Perfect body FOREVER" sounds like immortality to me---I'll take THAT. (*grin*)

But if we discount immortality, we still need to define "perfect". To me, a "perfect" body would be in the best possible health, strong, have all its own teeth (*grin*), and be pain-free. That's something no amount of money could buy, nor could money ever compare with. So again, I'll take a "perfect" body.

But that's not to say I couldn't use a million dollars...
Nic M
on 5/25/11 2:27 am
I'd take the money and move my imperfect fat hiney to an island nation where I could sit in the sun and paint on the beach all day.

I bet a lot of people would take a perfect body over some semblance of intelligence, too. And, God knows, more people could use a dose of smarts over a round ass and washboard abs. (Hellloooo, Jersey Shore cast, I'm tawkin' to youse!)


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Still Fawn
on 5/25/11 3:03 am - SIERRA MADRE, CA
Nobody is perfect, but I am good enough thank you very much. Give me the money I will just keep on as I am!

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on 5/25/11 3:08 am
Gimme the cash!

I am 165 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago.
I have my health back.
I have a daughter and a partner who love me.
It is all I need.
I don't need a perfect body.

(but I would love to pay off some bills!!)

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