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on 5/25/11 9:45 pm - MD

Hey everyone, I know that we should be journaling everything that we eat. Well I’m still pre-op but, I want to start making journaling a part of my everyday activities.

So my question(s) is… If you are using a online tools to log your food consumption, what tool(s) are you using and does the tool have a corresponding phone application (I have an Android phone)? 
on 5/25/11 11:12 pm - Arlington, TX
I journal daily with  Log my food and it calculates EVERYTHING for you.  I changed my % of fats, protein, and carbs to meet my needs.  This site lets you enter ingredients for a recipe and calculates the nut info.  The goal of the site is to eat good healthy food w/o supplements but still meets my needs plus they have an active member journal.
Might want to check it out.
They have added the phone apps but because I am tech challenged I just use the computer.
on 5/25/11 11:19 pm
I uuse the Nutrition and Activities calculaters here on OH.  I've used it since before my pre-op diet started.  I also use the body tracker for weight and BMI.  I failed to take before measurements and now wish I had.  To calculate recipes I use Sparkpeople.  They also have a tracker for nutrition and activity.  I'm not sure they have a phone ap.
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on 5/25/11 11:43 pm - OR
Online tools include sparkpeople, myfitnesspal, loseit, fitday. Tons of them. Many of them also have apps you can add to your phone. Most of them will track your food as well as your protein/fat/carbs/sugar etc. You can also track any workouts/cardio on them. I personally use loseit which has an iphone/ipod app. I'm not sure which ones work with the android.
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