Why did I wait so long for weight loss surgery!

on 6/8/11 1:04 pm
I was riding my bicycle this morning. It was just after the sun came up and was lighting up the farm land along the bike trail. The air smelled so nice. It wasn't too warm yet.  I was wishing I could just stay home today and ride my bike more.
But then I thought how lucky I am to be able to go out for a ride before going to work.  I know what it's like to be out of work. When I lost my job a decade a go and was morbidly obese, I felt really hopeless. Out of work and so fat that no one would hire me. But I eventually found work.

And now that I'm half the man I used to be (weight wise that is).. I find time to indulge my favorite past time (bicycling) and still go to a job that I love.

So on this summer like day, I decided to dress like people used to back in the early part of the last century.
I put on a straw hat and suspenders and went to work. A coworker snapped a photo.

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(deactivated member)
on 6/8/11 1:35 pm - Boston, MA
 love it! I think you look super cute and handsome!
on 6/8/11 2:48 pm - Bakersfield, CA
You look adorable and hansome. My mom needs a date. Just kidding heeheehee. I'm glad to hear you have a job you love. Not many people can say that with all sincerity.
on 6/8/11 4:20 pm
I'm thinking about getting back on my bike after reading your posts about how grand it is. I'm a little worried about all the hills around here and curves.  Maybe I can start slow and just go around the neighborhood before getting out on the roads with REAL traffic. I do have one with 5 speeds; I've just never learned how to shift gears. I'm afraid in TN my flat lander experience wouldn't help me much.

PS:  Great hat!

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on 6/8/11 10:49 pm
Just look at that handsome guy!

(deactivated member)
on 6/8/11 10:59 pm
I absolutely LOVE this picture!! Im also a huge history buff.

WTG with your WLS success though!! Glad to see you happy and healthy!
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on 6/8/11 11:14 pm - Beverly, NJ
What a handsome guy!  You look amazing!  Thank you for such an inspirational post!  As a Pre-Op I enjoy reading all of the success stories regardless of surgery type.  I think they all should be celebrated and enjoyed!  :)  

I can't wait to ride my bike again.  I am currently out of work and although I hate to blame my size I know it has alot to do with it.  I can't wait to have the satisfaction of going back into the workforce!  

Congratulations on all that you have achieved!
on 6/9/11 8:56 am - Rome, GA
Ya know Hercules, the subject of your  post "why did I wait so long to have WLS" really hits home for me.  At times I state that I wish I had of had my surgery when I was much younger and could enjoy more of a healthy lifestyle for a longer period of time.  However, I might not have been as successful if it had been a different time in my life ..... I might not have been ready ..... because as we know ...... it's up to us once we reach our goal!!!!

Happy maintaining!  You look terrific!


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