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Hi there everyone!  So I had the RNY 2 and a half years ago and went from 400 to 200lbs which I am greatful and proud of everyday.  I have recently found out that I was pregnant and am concerned....Hoping for some information and not critical remarks...So...here we go...I am curious if anyone knows anything about pregnancy and the vitamin needs.  I do not see my OB until tues...my nutritionist until next tues and my prim. doctor called me back today with some vitamin levels that I had ordered when I went this past week to her.  She seemed unsure of TX and told me to consult OB and my nutritionist....well it is Fri and after 5....so no luck there..I am currently taking prenatal vitamins and thats all due to me not being sure of what to take.  Apparently My vitmin D is low...18....and B-12 came back 229....everything else she said was great.  Any suggestions for what to do if anything over the next few days as far as vitamins? Thanks guys! 

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Check out the Pregnancy Board - lots of people who ca help you out.
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First off congratulations!! I know there's lots of support forum here and these women from all different backroundsmand they can give you insight and youllfind you're not alone in this! Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!
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 Before you do anything, run to Walmart and buy some B12 sublinguals.  I would get the 2500mcg and start taking them immediately.  You disolve them under your tongue.  Your B12 level is critically low.  You will surely need B12 injectsions but until you can see your doctor you can at least do that.
Also, take 2 of your prenatals until you see your doctor, one in the morning and one at night.  Get some Calcium Citrate with D, too.  You are going to need to take about 1500 to 2000 a day, no more then 600mg a dose because you can't absorb more then that.  I like the kind you get at Vitalady.com but you need to start right away.
Your doctor will probably try to prescribe vitamin D for you by prescription.  Don't waste your time.  We don't absorb the prescription stuff.  It is D2 and oil based.  The best stuff to get is at Vitalady's, too.  You are going to want dry D3, 50,000 iu.  Check out her website and if you email her she will probably be able to give you some great advice.
Congratulations and good luck to you.  I am sure you and your baby will both be fine.

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