five yrs out and having awful cramping.. sharp pains.

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Before you say, call the dr, the call is in... about two weeks ago i had a awful time with diarrhea. it was friday and it was awful, cramping like my guts was trying to come out, so i took so pepto bismo. anyhow it helped, was ok for two days, then on monday had more diarrhea but not as severe, couldnt figure out what i had ate that made me sick, so i thought maybe i picked up some kind of flu bug. anyhow ladies at work said that one had been going around i dismissed it. my gut was sore so watched what i ate a little closer, stuck to softer foods, yogurts, tuna, soups, protien drinks.. lost six pds in one week. But anyhow my gut is still sore and is cramping with sharp pains, not regular comes and goes.. I dont know what to do, went to er, they did cat scan and say they didnt see nothing, i thought maybe a blockage, called my surgeon today, nurse called back, said i was having dumping.. ok, i am five yrs out and know what dumping is. this is not dumping, this is server sharp cramping pains. she said she would talk to dr. and call me back, so far no phone call back. and dumping usually involves sugar, I dont eat or drink sugar.. what the heck..has anyone ever had sharp pains like this.. feels like severe gas, and cramping, then you can feel the gas moving around.. really sharp pains, that feels like tightening and releasing. seems spearidic, not constant, comes and goes, evenings worse.

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on 6/22/11 11:02 am
Call your dr back!   yes you would know what dumping is!!!  you can dehydrate  stay on them.  You know your body!!!  Infact I would tell the nurse you want to hear from your dr.  Good luck to you!  

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on 6/22/11 11:03 am
 So sorry you are experiencing this. It sounds horrible!

Have you had your gall bladder removed? It can cause serious problems. Don't stop bugging your doctor until all of your questions are answered! Make sure they take your concerns seriously too.

Good luck and God Bless You!


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Amy Farrah Fowler
on 6/22/11 11:04 am
 When you feel better, I suggest a trip to your surgeons office to stick a foot up someones @$$, but for now, you need to go back to the ER. 

I've had several episodes of suspected partial obstruction or stricture that presented similarly, and it usually doesn't show on a scan, unless they try something like a barium swallow, and even then may not be definitive.

I'm not a doctor, so my advice is worth what your paying for it here, but I do know not to ignore pain like this. Do not tolerate pain. Go back to ER.
on 6/22/11 11:26 am - FL
 Please seek help at the Emergency Room.  If you are not successful please attempt at a facility that commonly sees / treats bariatric patients, Center of Excellence, they should recognize the signs and symptoms of a complication.  Please do not ignore these symptoms something serious like a hernia could cause major issues later.  Just because you are 5 years out does not mean that you couldn't have an issue develop.  I know someone that had an issue and ended up with 2 surgery's for necrotic bowel from a hernia.  Better to be safe that sorry.  Keep going bac****il they figure it out or you have no more symptoms.  Will say a prayer for you.
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on 6/22/11 12:19 pm
I would have to agree with the above the ER. IMO it sounds like some type of obstruction. It is very possibly a partial obstruction and therefore more difficult to detect.
With a partial obstruction SOME liquid stool can pass but the rest is "obstructed". Pain is a sign and it needs to be heeded. Let us know how things go.


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MyLady Heidi
on 6/22/11 12:24 pm
I had my gb out ten years ago and last year had terrible pain like you describe, I finally went to the er and found out I had a stone blocking my bile duct, my liver enzymes were crazy high.  My pain lasted for a few nights before I could not take it anymore.  Not sure if what you have could be the same but the pain was definately severe.

Good Luck
on 6/22/11 1:40 pm
Heidi, when you had the stone, was the pain bad from the beginning, or did you have some mild pain that led up to severe pain? I ask because I've been having a persistant, but mild, pain in that area for some time now. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday, but that probably wouldn't show a stone...
MyLady Heidi
on 6/22/11 1:51 pm
No it was intense pain, I was convinced I had an ulcer, I begged my boyfriend to take me to Wal-Mart at 3am to get something for acid because I believed it was in my stomach, the bile duct is just to the left of the gallbladder.  I honestly thought I was gonna faint at Wal-Mart it was so bad.  I waited until 7am and called my PCP to see where she thought I should go for an er because I didn't want to go anywhere that couldn't deal with the fact I was an rny patient.  They figured out from my blood tests what was going on, I had an ultrasound but I think it showed nothing because the stone had already passed sometime when I was at the e.r., it took a while for my liver enzymes to get back to normal.  Once the stone passed the pain was gone.

Good Luck
on 6/22/11 10:21 pm - NJ

I had a similar experience as Heidi except I went from zero pain to 10+ over a few days.  I had gone for a check up with my PCP and he was puzzled because my liver enzymes were through the roof which indicated gall bladder trouble and I did not have one.  He asked me if I was in pain and I was not. He scheduled an ultra sound for the following Monday.  Sunday I woke up in excrutiating pain and mid-day went to the hospital I knew my bariatric surgeon had privileges at so he could be called. I also had a stone in my bile duct which was causing pancratitis. My bariatric surgeon and a gastro surgeon performed surgery to remove the stone(s) and created a larger duct. I was in the hospital for almost a week.

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