Kaiser richmond Patients???

on 7/7/11 11:39 pm - SAN PABLO, CA
Hi my friend is having the sleeve done through kaiser and she is going through the richmond program I wanted to know the steps for her.  She is new to all of this and I wanted to help releave some of the stress for her.  Any and all help or advice would be great thanks... Especially if they make you take the options classes or classes at all, how long is the process, do they still require the 10% weight loss.
First Meeting with Surgeon:2/10/2011  weight was 460
Surgery Date:5/03/2011  Weight was 428
Revsion To RNY 06/26/2012 Weight 
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Kaiser Richmond does require a 10 % weight loss and there are some classes required, but not as many as the options program in Southern California. Maybe, suggest to her, that she call the Bariatric Department with her questions. Also, the orientation will cover many questions. The process varies, according to how long it will take a person to lose the required 10 % weight. When she has a consultation with the surgeon, he/she will tell her how much weight she needs to lose prior to surgery. If she loses the required amount of weight quickly, then she will receive the surgery sooner, rather than later.

I didn't go through Richmond, but all of the Northern CA Kaisers require the 10% weight loss.

All referrals to the Bariatric Department, must come from a referring PCP.
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Valerie S.
on 7/8/11 10:16 am - CA
I have to disagree with the previous poster. I just had my sleeve done june 22 with kaiser Richmond, Dr. Im. You do not have to lose 10%. your goal weight is given by the surgeon and is different for everyone. Much has changed from when a friend of mine went thru them a few years ago. I only had to lose 10 lbs. The whole process for me from the first orientation to surgery was about 3 months. That's if you are on top if everything and do everything you need to and lose the required weight. When you go to the second orientation which is 4 hours long, they take your first weigh in and then they give you your appt date to meet with the surgeon. They haven't told you yet how much to lose but say the surgeon will expect to see a loss from that first weighh in. Then he will tell you your goal weight. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I might be missing what you really wanted to know.
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on 7/8/11 10:26 am - San Jose, CA
You don't have to do the options classes or ANY classes or lose ANY weight if you don't want to.  When you receive the order to do those things, file a complaint with the CA DMHC asking that these requirements be waived, citing this document: http://www.dmhc.ca.gov/aboutTheDMHC/org/boards/cap/Bariatric REV.pdf

The DMHC will order Kaiser to waive the requirements and send you on through.

The ****tiest thing is, Kaiser KNOWS that the DMHC will do this, but they count on discouraging a sufficient number of people from going through the program with these requirements that they are willing to put up with having to deal with the grievances.  The *******s.
on 7/9/11 2:41 am - CA
I went through Richmond and the process was very quick. I did have to lose 32 lbs. If you get Dr Fisher, Id suggest another. Dr Baggs is wonderful!

You will have an orientation class (in beginning), and a  nut / post op class (After you meet all requirements). thats it. In between youll have all your appointments. Dont wait for them to call and arrange your apts, do it as soon as youre done with the prior. You can be within 10 lbs of goal and make a psych,they dont tell you that. They say you have to be at weight or 5lbs from. Dont say any of this during orientation because they will argue the facts.. TRUST ME....   My process was 4 months.