Looking to try something new? Need a WS partner?

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RNY on 04/28/08 with
I am 4 years post-op GB surgery. I have gone though it all. GPS and a divorce. I am looking for someone pre-op who wants a partner (non-sexual) to help them through the process and help me to get back on track. A roomate! If you are intrested in discussing this prospect let me know! Life partners to get where we both want to be. I am in the Orange County area. Looking to help someone to be secussful and someone ( someone who can insipre me and I can inspire myself) who can help me get back on track. Are you up for the challenge and help? Let me know!
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I want to apoligize, because I am Not looking for a roomate, even though my oragional  post implied that, while I am open to living with someone who wants a roomate who has been through this process , I DO NOT need a roomate! Just want to let those out there who are going though this process know that I am open to helping them. I just want to have someone to cheer me on with my sucess, as I can help them throuth the tough times and acheive sucess too!  I am NOT looking for a hook up or anything else, just looking to help someone who can in the process of helping you can also help me. That's it! Sorry if I have offended anyone.
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RNY on 01/30/08 with
You know, Dr. Krahn has an excellent support group.


Elizabeth N.
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You have posted twice on this board (don't know about the RNY or other boards) before this thread, and your last profile entry was three years ago. Um, now this thread that sounds for all the world like a personal ad. I assumed from both of these posts that you're a guy who's girlfriend hunting. Good thing I bothered to look at your posting history and your profile.

This is not the usual way people interact on this particular board. So don't be surprised if you get either hardly any responses or some very strongly worded responses.

You might do better with this approach--well, with very different wording--on your surgery specific board or on your state board.

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on 7/24/11 2:05 am
 HI actually   I would LOVE   training partner I could be accountable  to even long distance (  Im based in NYC )  .Im 2 1/2  years post   and regain  is starting to be a problem .  IM PISSED  because im eating  the same as always   GRRR  and not fitting into my clohes!