Calcium Gummies

on 7/25/11 6:05 am - Fremont, MI
I looked at the label to see what kind of calcium it was from to see if I wanted to try them for a change instead of taking horse pills. What is Tricalcium phosphate and how is it absorbed compared to citrate or carbonate. I know RNYer's need the citrate. The pharmacist at my Walgreens was not able to answer the question for me. It was not the citracal gummies that I checked it was another brand that was at Walgreens. No I did not buy them. I am just curious.
Barb RNY August 4, 2008

Just Ducky - The
Meditative Hag

on 7/25/11 9:32 am - Belleville, IL
For RNY folks it's a no-no.... You won't absorb it.  Calcium Citrate is what we need. There ARE chewable calcium citrate out there, but just take the pill and a pill cutter and cut it in half to make it smaller.

ANY Vitamin or Calcium Gummies are a waste for any RNY folks. Now there is a product called Calcet Calcium Citrate Chewy bites which are heaven! But they contain like 5 gm sugar and 20 calories. 1 or 2  a day is OK (Along with a Calcium Citrate pill) but to many can add uneeded calories and sugars, not to mention, they can be a bit pricey.

Good luck.
Dave Chambers
on 7/25/11 9:50 am - Mira Loma, CA
Check out the calcium citrate from . These are capsules, and their rounded edges make them far easier to swallow than traditional horse pills.  DAVE

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