Doc says watch my diet

on 8/5/11 8:59 pm
I received a mailing from my health insurer saying that past medical information indicates that I may have issues with my liver and should see my doctor. I made an immediate appointment. My doc had a more detailed letter from my the insurance company. During my gastric bypass surgery, I volunteered to be part of a test group that allowed liver biopsies to investigate the incidence of fatty livers in people who have been obese for a long time. I never heard the results, so assumed everything was okay. But my doctor says there was apparently indications of cirrhosis.

I went to the lab the next morning for an ultrasound and blood test. The next day, the doctor's nurse told me that the liver, and aorta were all "within tolerances".  I still have those pesky gallstones.

But the doctor told me to avoid fatty foods and lose more weight, because I could still develop cirrhosis... not to mention the gall stone issue.  I guess I was assuming that my gastric bypass would let me eat more fatty foods like steak and hot dogs and such but I am wrong.

I admit, i was kind of bummed out. But my doctor has never been one to mince words. He's always been concerned with my health and tells it like it is. It's a wake up call.

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Judi J.
on 8/5/11 9:51 pm - MN
I'm glad they're on top of it but he told you to lose weight? Was this appointment in person? I don't see where you could lose weight from

Janice B.
on 8/5/11 10:05 pm - Misawa-chi, Japan

Interesting!  I recently went out with a guy who was trying to calculate how many carbs were in everything because he was trying to lose weight and correct cirrhosis of the liver due to diet.  I thought he was making that up.  Oops.

I'm impressed you can tolerate steak, but perhaps only once a month or a smaller one is in order.  So glad you found out before it became a threatening issue!


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on 8/5/11 10:28 pm - LA
Just had to add I love your avatar picture.....That may really

Amy Farrah Fowler
on 8/6/11 4:41 am
 Milk thistle helps the liver. Many here have taken it to help when the liver is stressed from fatty liver and rapid weight loss. I have read it also help the gallbladder, so that would be a double bonus for you. 

I'm sure Vitalady sells it, and I find it easily on line.

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