X post PCOS question

on 8/9/11 2:18 am - MO
I been recently diagnosed with PCOS, My hair has been thining for about a year now and its starting to really get to me. I am waiting for "the call" to get my surgery date witch I was told last week that it would be monday of tuesday so I may get my date today. My pcp put me on metformin for metabolic syndrome and she said it also helps the pcos and so would weightloss.

After surgery i know your hair thins but i have also heard it comes back. Im only 28 (sept 6th ill be 29)  and i really am afraid of going bald .

So my question is has any one else with PCOS had thining hair before but after weightloss its come back it or at least some of it?

Thanks in advance!
Amy Farrah Fowler
on 8/9/11 2:32 am
You won't go bald. Your hair does thin several months after surgery, but it grows back.

I have PCOS, and probably cushings too, but the symptoms have resolved since surgery. These are usually associated with other metabolic disorders, and often contribute to why we can't lose weight. Double edged sword - the doctor says lose weight, and symptoms improve, but those very things are making the body resistant to losing weight.

I had the DS because it is the best at resolving the metabolic issues, as well as best at weight loss, maintenance, and post-op lifestyle. Make sure you research your choices before you get cut, because you only want to do this once.

on 8/9/11 2:40 am - MO
Thanks for your reply. Gives me some reassurance that I wont be the Fat bald girl with the beard and mustache being refered to as sir. The facial hair is another battle.
Amy Farrah Fowler
on 8/9/11 3:07 am
Well, I said the DS resolved my PCOS, but there is one annoying thing.

While I no longer sprout new facial hairs, the ones that started before the PCOS was resolved, remain, unless you have them taken care of with electrolysis or laser. 

I was having those buggars zapped a few times a year before, but I had only one round of laser after surgery, and no new hairs have sprouted since. It's been 3 1/2 years now, so I think I'm safe.

You'll be so happy - things like skin tags, and the areas of skin that get thick and dark, messed up periods, all go away.

Elizabeth N.
on 8/9/11 4:29 am - Burlington County, NJ
Facial hair that's already there is unlikely to improve. Waxing is a fact of life here :-). So are wigs and hats, as I was one of the few whose hair did not return.

on 8/9/11 3:17 am - Detroit, MI
I know exactly how you feel, the past two years my hair has been falling out like crazy, when I was younger I use to have to get it thinned out because it was so thick! I'm pre-op so I am worrying about the hair loss after surgery, I'm  really worried about my front hairline because it has gotten so thin there.
Elizabeth N.
on 8/9/11 4:12 am - Burlington County, NJ
For the very vast majority of people, hair does come back. If it doesn't--and I realize this is hard to think about--it's ONLY HAIR.

Alopecia is very common in certain ethnic groups, so much so that it is completely normal to wear wigs,hairpieces, weaves and extensions.

One of this past season's Miss America contestants was almost completely bald from alopecia, and look how much that did NOT set her back:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1346025/Bald-beaut iful-Beauty-queen-suffering-alopecia-Miss-America-hair.html


on 8/9/11 8:49 am - MO
Thank you for the links, Your absolutely right it is only hair, and dammit if it happens to get extremely thin I will try to keep a positive out look and buy me a hair piece. :) After all this journey I'm on is to be healthier and happier not about who has the best hair. Thanks for taking the time to post these links and give me some feed back,
Elizabeth N.
on 8/9/11 9:06 am - Burlington County, NJ
That's the spirit! Playing with different hair looks is actually lots of fun. Go to a wig shop and try on a few just to get a feel for it.

Fo' Shizzle My Sizzle
on 8/9/11 5:17 am
I don't have much thinning up top, but I empathize about the hair everywhere else.

I pluck my neck and the underside of my jaw 4 times a week. Luckily the hubs doesn't notice because I "take care of it". But I'm probably going to get those hairs zapped once I'm closer to goal, with the hopes that the weight loss will tame the ape fairy that visits me at night, sprouting dark hairs in male places.  Yecccckkkkkkk! I will get my neck lasered as well as the entire area from my waist to my toes. Geezuz, it's like my pubes start at my belly button and end at my feet. Freaking embarassing. There was one time I shaved and the shower backed up. Hubs walks in to take **** glances over at the bathtub and shouts "WTF did you do? Shave a dog?"

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