Pre-Op Diet Issues

on 8/10/11 10:53 pm, edited 8/10/11 10:56 pm
I will be having my surgery on August 22 and decided to start the pre-op diet a few days early due to that fact that I had the last supper syndrome and gained a few pounds since the Dr. visit.

I started on Monday and thought I was doing great but was only taking in 1100 calories on the first day and 875 on the second day.. I ended up getting sick about 1:30 am so I ate some instant breakfast and some soup. Called the Dr. the next day and she told me to eat more...go figure...I have been exercising but don't have a lot of energy. Not sleeping well either. Wondering if I am just stressed or my CPAP machine is off. I was so hungry yesterday I ate 2200 calories but need to find some middle ground. Yikes. Not as easy as I thought. I am doing well with exercising and water though.

Any ideas on how to get through this easier, or is this just the way it needs to be for the next 10 days?
on 8/10/11 11:05 pm
Just eat lightly and only when you're hungry. I stuck to grilled chicken or fish with occasional beef. I had lots of salads and fruit. Yogurt is a big deal at my house too - before and after surgery. The last two weeks pre-op bread, rice and pasta were off the list as a rule to help get my liver to settle down. I also experimented with different protein drinks. I tried a variety of powders and ready to drink versions in several flavors. I treated myself with lots of TLC.

I also focused on getting the house cleaned, laundry done and beds made so I wouldn't have to do any of that after surgery. I also cleaned out the frig and the pantry, tossed a bunch of sugary stuff and organized all my new protein products. I stocked up on broth, jello, SF popsicles and pudding. Basically, I tried not to spend too much time worrying about the coming surgery.

Take care of yourself. Relax and get a lot of rest. Eat as healthy as possible without going overboard. You'll be okay.

Good luck to you.

on 8/10/11 11:28 pm
I did a solid food pre-op diet for 4 weks pre-op and lost 18 pounds.  Try to stick to protein and complex carbs which will help in weaning yourself off of simple refined carbs before surgery and will be quite helpful after surgery.  Here's an example of what I was eating.  Breakfast was 1 cup low fat cottage cheese with 1/2 cup of fresh fruit. (about 250 cals).  Lunch was either a cafe steamer - high fiber and protein with whole grain pasta in it (Kept it under 350 cals) or 1 1/2 cups of soup.  Dinner was 4 oz of meat or fish with 1/2 cup of vegitable (about 400 cals).  The protein/complex carb combination should help with keeping your blood sugar level and should help the cravings somewhat.  Focus on the BIG Picture and the reward at the end instead of how you want to eat.  It's all worth it.  Do something else when you want to eat other than your 3 meals a day.  Also, start your multivitamis and calcium citrate (at least 1500 mg/day)  now if you haven't already.  You CAN do this.  Come on here and get support and also look at all the befores and afters every day.  I'm a year out and still do that for inspiration.  Best wishes.  Elena
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Dave Chambers
on 8/11/11 12:21 am - Mira Loma, CA
Poor sleeping may affect everything at this point.  I've you've been using a CPAP for some time, why stop preop?  Your surgeon normally will indicate when it's time, or have to you visit your pulmanologist to validate the CPAP is no longer needed.  I'd suggest a "stepped process".  Give up sodas for a few days.  Then give up bread, pasta and rice. Give up deserts. Begin some minor exercise. Drink more water.  That last supper issue should be stopped too.  If you feel hungry, eat a piece of low sugar fruit (not grapes, mango, pineapple).  Drink 8 oz of water right before you eat.  The preop diet is designed to reduce fatty liver deposits.  DAVE

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