Not losing enough on liquid diet?

on 8/16/11 11:46 am
I will have my surgery next monday and am worried that I have not/will not lose enough before the surgery.  I am dow 11lbs.  This is the 9th day of my 14 day pre op liquid diet.  I am drinking well over 64 oz,  protien is about 100 and riding my bike everyday 2 1/2 miles.  Thinking I should be down more....

(Liquid as in ff pudding, jello, shakes, condensed soups...)
on 8/16/11 11:50 am - Dayton, OH
The goal isn't so much about weight loss as it is about shrinking the size of your liver so the surgeon has more space to work in during the surgery.  I only dropped 7.5# during my two week pre op so you're doing great!
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on 8/16/11 11:59 am, edited 8/16/11 12:01 pm
Thanks,  I read about someone losing 16 and another losing 23. Thought I was doing something wrong.
on 8/16/11 11:54 am
Unless your surgeon is a far bigger "fattier hater" than most, it won't matter if you don't lose an ounce.
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