help i want some advice

on 8/26/11 1:33 am
ok well im about 3 months out and i have lost about 65 lbs yay me im happy im losing kind of slow but i want to know some of the food's that yyou eat at this time of 3 months also i want to start exercising and really work on my arms and  tummy what do you suggest for those programs
on 8/26/11 1:48 am - AL
What surgery (of the FOUR common surgeries) did you have?

At 3 months I was eating normal food with the exception of gluten, sugar alchols and lactose to which I had become intorerant.  At 3 months I could do any type of exercise I wanted to do which turned out to be none.  lol.


on 8/26/11 2:19 am
lol that sounds like me i just want to be able to excercise
Elizabeth N.
on 8/26/11 2:40 am - Burlington County, NJ
on 8/26/11 3:52 am
Would a yoga ball be suitable for the very clumbsy with bad joints?
Elizabeth N.
on 8/26/11 6:36 am - Burlington County, NJ
JudiJudi T
on 8/27/11 1:38 am

I was eating anything except bread.  Since bread was my demon I decided I had to go without it for an entire year to break the habit, lol.  It worked.  I allow myself bread now but don't eat it more than once or twice a week.    65 lbs in 3 months is in no way slow, how much did you think you'd lose in a month?  

Best thing for your arms is to lift weights, tummy would be any type of ab exercise.  The ball is great for crunches.   Pilates is good for the core too.  

Before/after pic in my profile.  
Surgery: Dec 2009, lost 100 lbs



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